About Us

40 Years of reliability and professionalism

The most important success is the trust and appreciation of thousands of customers.

A leader in the rug and leather wholesale industry since 1976, sakamaonline.com is dedicated to bringing you high-quality rugs, leather, and home

interiors solution from around the world at rock-bottom prices. With our low-price commitment and dedication to customer service, we aim to make your next 
purchase a pleasant and enjoyable experience. 

Our Low-Price Commitment 
Our customers are often surprised when they see how low our prices are. These low prices aren't just a marketing gimmick, but rather a reflection of the way
we choose to do business.

We sell you high-quality products at wholesale prices. This is a big savings over our competitors.

Our Customer Service Assurance
Bringing you low prices isn't the only thing we care about. As an online retailer, we know that buying a product online can be a new experienc
e, and we aim to make the process as simple
and seamless as possible. We are the only retailer who handles every aspect of your shopping experience as the rug, jacket travels from our factory directly to you, which means your care and
satisfaction won't be at the mercy of a third party


United States of America & United Kingdom


24 Hours assistance 


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